Best bed in a box mattress for side sleepers

It is cold outside, and you cannot go to a furniture store to buy your new mattress. You have a tight schedule, and you cannot spare time to visit a mattress retail store. You are unwilling to put in a lot of effort, including visiting multiple retail stores and transporting your new mattress back to your home. You want to put effort and time, but your new bed is likely to exceed your budget. All these problems you are facing, but what is the solution? Luckily !! There is a single solution to these problems. Yes !! a “Bed in a Box.” It is precisely what it sounds. A “bed” inside a small “box.” Sit down fellow, Relax !! Open your laptop or mobile and choose your desired bed in a box mattress and order it online. Wow !! Your new mattress is at your door step. Suppose you have not ordered your bed in a box mattress because you worry about the shipping charges, that may be high. Do not worry fella, the bed in a box is a mattress compressed and placed inside a small box. Shipping charges are quite less and free most of the time. Manufacturers offer free shipping to encourage new buyers. A common perception regarding buying a new mattress is that “try before you buy.” Well, that is the problem but do not worry again. Bed in box mattresses come with sleep trails, with most companies offering sleep trial for up to 1 year. So all of your problems have been solved. For Best Side Sleepers visit simplyrest.

Pressure relief for side sleepers.

Technology has solved most of the problems. Every industry is improving day by day, and consumers are being satisfied with innovations. Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position, and most experts recommend it. If your mattress sags too much or it is firm, the pressure will be exerted on your shoulders and hips, resulting in discomfort and body pain. The latest bed in box mattresses come with three foam layers. The first two layers are made of memory foam and polyfoam. The mattress gets adjusted according to your body resulting in pressure relief from shoulders and hips. When you sleep on the side, pressure from your upper body is exerted on the lower body. If your mattress is not supportive, you may get severe pain. This mattress makes a perfect cradle. Memory foam allows your body to fit inside the mattress without sinking too much. Another latest bed in box mattress comes with a top made of cotton and polyester. Phase change material (PCM) technology is used in this mattress to absorb the heat from the body. The comfort layer of this bed in a box mattress consists of memory foam adjusted according to the body. The next layer to the memory foam is made of poly foam, which gives appropriate support by stopping an individual’s body from sinking inside the mattress. The memory foam provides comfort and helps in pressure relief, whereas the polyfoam provides support, making it perfect for side sleepers.